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GIS Servers and services

Types of ArcIMS services

Release 9.2
Last modified March 10, 2008
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ArcIMS provides three services; image, feature, and metadata. The illustration below shows these three types of services on an ArcIMS Server named merlin. The three types of services are described in more detail below.

ArcIMS Services

In the GIS Servers folder, The Geography Network Services hosted by ESRI connection contains many ArcIMS Services. If you have an internet connection, simply double-click this connection and you'll be able to explore a wide range of services. You should take the opportunity to explore these services—they are quite interesting and useful.

ArcIMS Image service

An ArcIMS Image service takes snapshots of the data on a server and delivers them to you over the Internet as images. When you add an image service to ArcMap, the result layer will be either an ArcIMS Image service layer or an ArcIMS ArcMap Image service layer.

ArcIMS Image service

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ArcIMS Feature service

An ArcIMS Feature service sends ("streams") the actual feature data to you rather than creating and sending a map image of the data like an image service. You can think of feature streaming as similar to audio and video streaming.
You can add an ArcIMS Feature service to ArcMap and use it like any feature class. You can symbolize it anyway you want in ArcMap, export the data to your local disk, or use the data in geoprocessing tools and models.

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ArcIMS Metadata service

An ArcIMS Metadata Service lets you browse data by description rather than by service type (image or feature). You can think of a Metadata service as a searchable online catalog that helps you find GIS services. The Internet site from which you access the metadata service is often referred to as a GIS catalog portal.

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