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Release 9.3
Last modified September 7, 2011
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Changes the cell size of a raster.


Resample illustration

Map Algebra:
OutRas = Resample (InRas1, 3)

Usage tips

Command line syntax
See Resample (Data Management)

Scripting syntax
See Resample (Data Management)

Map Algebra syntax
Resample(<grid>, {cellsize}, {NEAREST | BILINEAR | CUBIC | SEARCH})

Parameter Explanation
<grid> The name of the input raster.
{cellsize} The output cell size.
The default is the current environment setting set on the Cell Size tab of the Options dialog box.
{NEAREST | BILINEAR | CUBIC | SEARCH} Specifies the resampling algorithm to be used when resampling the raster.
  • NEAREST  — Nearest neighbor assignment. This is the default.
  • BILINEAR  — Bilinear interpolation.
  • CUBIC  — Cubic convolution.
  • SEARCH  — Extended nearest neighbor.

Map Algebra example

resample(ingrid, .5)
resample(ingrid1, 23.5, cubic)
resample(ingrid1 + ingrid2, 4)
resample(ingrid, 2000, bilinear)

ArcObjects syntax
There is no corresponding Spatial Analyst object to perform Resample. However, in core ArcGIS, similar functionality can be found in the IRasterGeometryProc object.

For more information, see ArcObjects Developer Help.

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