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ArcMap Standard toolbar

Release 9.2
Last modified August 6, 2007
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The Standard toolbar most typically appears at the top of the ArcMap application window and is used for map printing, creating a new map, opening an existing map, saving your map, starting related ArcGIS applications, and more.

ArcMap Standard toolbar

ArcMap Standard toolbar buttons and their functions
Button Name Function


New map file Creates a new map


Open Opens an existing map


Save Saves the current map


Print Prints the current map


Cut Cuts the selected element(s)


Copy Copies the selected element(s)


Paste Pastes the clipboard contents into your map


Delete Deletes the selected element(s)


Undo Undoes the last action


Redo Redoes the previously undone action

Add Data

Add Data Adds new data to the map's active data frame

Editor toolbar

Editor toolbar Shows the Editor toolbar so you can edit the map's data


Launch ArcCatalog Starts ArcCatalog

Show/Hide ArcToolbox

Show/Hide ArcToolbox Shows/Hides the ArcToolbox window

Show/Hide Command Line window

Show/Hide Command Line window Shows/Hides the Command Line window

What's This Pointer

What's This? Allows you to get help for a menu command or tool by clicking the What's This pointer and clicking the menu command or tool

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