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Topology toolbar

Release 9.2
Last modified August 6, 2007
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The image below shows the Topology toolbar.

Topology toolbar

Topology toolbar buttons and their functions
Button Name Function

Map Topology

Map Topology Allows you to choose which layers form a map topology for integrated editing

Construct Features

Construct Features Constructs features from the selection

Planarize Lines

Planarize Lines Planarizes the selected lines

Topology Edit Tool

Topology Edit Tool Selects and edits topological elements

Show Shared Features

Show Shared Features Shows features that share the selected edge

Validate Topology In Specified Area

Validate Topology In Specified Area Validates topology in the area specified by the mouse pointer

Validate Topology In Current Extent

Validate Topology In Current Extent Validates topology in the current extent of the data frame

Validate Entire Topology

Validate Entire Topology Validates topology for the full extent

Fix Topology Error Tool

Fix Topology Error Tool Selects and fixes topology errors

Error Inspector

Error Inspector Shows/Hides the Error Inspector dialog box

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