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Alaska Series E

Release 9.2
Last modified August 3, 2007
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This projection was developed in 1972 by the USGS to publish a map of Alaska at 1:2,500,000 scale.

Illustration of Alaska Series E projection

Projection method

Approximates Equidistant Conic, although it is commonly referred to as a Modified Transverse Mercator.
Learn more about the Equidistant Conic projection

Lines of contact

The standard parallels at 53°30' N and 66°05'24" N.

Linear graticules

The meridians are straight lines radiating from a center point. The parallels closely approximate concentric circular arcs.



Neither conformal nor equal area.


Neither conformal nor equal area.


Distortion increases with distance from the standard parallels.


Accurate along the standard parallels.


This projection is appropriate for mapping Alaska, the Aleutian Islands, and the Bering Sea region only.

Uses and applications

1972 USGS revision of a 1954 Alaska map that published at 1:2,500,000 scale.
1974 map of the Aleutian Islands and the Bering Sea was published.


Projection-specific parameters are set by the software.

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