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Last modified August 3, 2007
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This equal-area projection has true scale along the central meridian and all parallels. Equatorial aspect is a Sinusoidal. Polar aspect is a Werner.

Illustration of Bonne projection

Projection method

Pseudo conic. Parallels of latitude are equally spaced concentric circular arcs, marked true to scale for meridians.

Point of tangency

A single standard parallel with no distortion.

Linear graticules

The central meridian.



No distortion along the central meridian and standard parallel; error increases away from these lines.


Equal area.


Locally true along central meridian and standard parallel.


Scale is true along the central meridian and each parallel.


Usually limited to maps of continents or smaller regions. Distortion pattern makes other equal-area projections preferable.

Uses and applications

Used during the 19th and early 20th centuries for atlas maps of Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. Replaced with the Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area projection for continental mapping by Rand McNally & Co. and Hammond, Inc.
Large-scale topographic mapping of France and Ireland, along with Morocco and some other Mediterranean countries (Snyder, 1993).
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