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Craster Parabolic

Release 9.2
Last modified August 3, 2007
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This pseudo cylindrical equal area projection is primarily used for thematic maps of the world. Also known as Putnins P4.

Illustration of Craster Parabolic projection

Projection method

Pseudo cylindrical.

Linear graticules

The central meridian is a straight line half as long as the equator. Parallels are unequally spaced, straight parallel lines perpendicular to the central meridian. Their spacing decreases very gradually as they move away from the equator.



Free of distortion at the central meridian at 36°46' N and S. Distortion increases with distance from these points and is most severe at the outer meridians and high latitudes. Interrupting the projection greatly reduces this distortion.


Equal area.


Local angles are correct at the intersection of 36°46' N and S with the central meridian. Direction is distorted elsewhere.


Scale is true along latitudes 36°46' N and S. Scale is also constant along any given latitude and is symmetrical around the equator.


Useful only as a world map.

Uses and applications

Thematic world maps.




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