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Last modified August 3, 2007
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Karl Siemon created this pseudo cylindrical projection in 1935. This projection was also presented in 1966 by Waldo Tobler. Loxodromes, or rhumb lines, are shown as straight lines with the correct azimuth and scale from the intersection of the central meridian and the central parallel.

Illustration of the Loximuthal projection

Projection method

Pseudo cylindrical. All parallels are straight lines, and all meridians are equally spaced arcs except the central meridian, which is a straight line. The poles are points.

Linear graticules

The parallels and central meridian.



Shape is generally distorted. As the value of the central parallel increases from the equator, the overall shape of the world becomes more distorted.


Generally distorted.


Directions are true only at the intersection of the central meridian and central latitude. Direction is distorted elsewhere.


Scale is true along the central meridian. It is constant along any latitude. The opposite latitude has a different scale if the central parallel isn't the equator.


Useful only to show loxodromes.

Uses and applications

Suitable for displaying loxodromes.



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