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Miller Cylindrical

Release 9.2
Last modified August 3, 2007
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This projection is similar to the Mercator projection except that the polar regions are not as areally distorted. Spacing between lines of latitude as they approach the poles is less than in the Mercator projection. It decreases the distortion in area, but the compromise introduces distortion in local shape and direction.
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Illustration of Miller Cylindrical projection

Projection method

Cylindrical projection. Meridians are parallel and equally spaced, lines of latitude are parallel, and the distance between them increases toward the poles. Both poles are represented as straight lines.

Line of contact

The equator.

Linear graticules

All meridians and all parallels.



Minimally distorted between 45th parallels, increasingly toward the poles. Land masses are stretched more east–west than they are north–south.


Distortion increases from the equator toward the poles.


Local angles are correct only along the equator.


Correct distance is measured along the equator.


Useful only as a world map.

Uses and applications

General-purpose world maps.




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