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ArcGIS Image Server > Working with the image service

Opening and editing an existing service

Release 9.2
Last modified May 5, 2008
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About editing an existing service

You edit an image service definition in ArcMap. However, since you cannot undo any edits, it is recommended that you back up the folder before you make any edits to an image service definition.
When you edit an image service, you can do any of the things you did when you originally created the service, including

Opening an existing image service in ArcMap

  1. Click the Add Data button Add Data on the Standard toolbar.
  2. Navigate to the image service definition folder on the Open dialog box.
  3. Click the image service definition (.ISDef).
  4. Click Add. The selected image service opens in ArcMap.
  5. Now you can change the properties, add rasters, and remove rasters. Then build and compile the service with the new changes.


  • To add the Preview layer, click the Image Service drop-down menu, point to Advanced, then click Build. Be sure only Load Preview is checked, then click OK.

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