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About the ArcGIS Image Server Viewer

Release 9.2
Last modified November 7, 2007
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You can view an image service created by ArcGIS Image Server using various client applications. Using these client applications, you can connect to the Image Server from your desktop to view and modify the image services. The various client applications supported by ArcGIS Image Server include

Each client application accesses and works with the image services in a similar manner. This Help document will discuss accessing and working with image services with the Image Server Viewer. The Image Server Viewer is installed, by default, with each of the client applications. For Help documentation on other clients, you need to install those clients.
You can use the Image Server Viewer to:

The Image Server Viewer is compatible on either the Windows ® NT, 2000, or XP operating systems. For information on developing additional client applications, see the ArcGIS Image Server Developer Guide.
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