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About the ArcGIS Image Server AutoCAD client

Release 9.2
Last modified July 8, 2008
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You can view an image service using various client applications supported by ArcGIS Image Server. Using these client applications, you can connect to the ArcGIS Image Server from your desktop to view and modify the image services. The various client applications supported by ArcGIS Image Server include

Each client application accesses and works with the image services in a similar manner. This Help document will discuss accessing and working with image services with the AutoCAD client. You can use this client to:

About the Image Server toolbar

When you start the ArcGIS Image Server AutoCAD client, the Image Server toolbar is displayed.
Image Server toolbar
This toolbar allows you to perform the common ArcGIS Image Server client tasks. The following table describes the functions of the tools on the Image Server toolbar:

Button Title Description

Add image service button

Add Image Service Enables you to add an image service by opening the Add Image Service dialog box.

Image Service Manager button

Image Service Manager Opens the Image Service Manager dialog box, which allows you to view the properties and metadata of the image service and change some of the service properties. See Working with image services in AutoCAD.

Refresh button

Refresh Refreshes the current window extents for all open and active services.

Help button

Help Opens the ArcGIS Image Server AutoCAD client help.

Learn about ArcGIS Image Server AutoCAD client limitations

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