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Model validation

Release 9.2
Last modified November 9, 2006
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To validate a model, choose Validate Entire Model from the Model menu, as shown below.


By validating the entire model, you are verifying that all data elements and parameter values are valid. Validating will return has-been-run processes to their ready-to-run state.
If, by validating the model, processes that were in the ready-to-run or has-been-run state change to not-ready-to-run (elements are white), it means that one or more input variables are invalid.
The values of variables may become invalid for several reasons. Most commonly, the input dataset no longer exists or was renamed, or a field was deleted. To return processes to their ready-to-run state, open the invalid (empty) variables and enter a new value.
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If a variable value is invalid, the variable and those that depend on it will become not-ready-to-run. You have to reset the value for invalid values.

Validation will post messages for each tool. To see the messages, right-click an element and click View Messages, or create a report for the model and view the messages there.

NOTE: Validating a model does not delete intermediate data.

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