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An overview of the To CAD toolset

Release 9.3
Last modified June 3, 2009
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NOTE: This topic was updated for 9.3.1.

Tools in the To CAD toolset convert geodatabase features to native CAD formats. You can use these tools in geoprocessing models and scripts to define your own conversion procedures.

These additional topics may be of interest if CAD data is being used:

How CAD is represented in ArcGIS
Using the CAD feature dataset as input
CAD translation
Understanding Extended Entity Data (Xdata)

The following table lists the tools available in the To CAD toolset and provides a brief description of each.

NOTE: Tool availability is determined by ArcGIS license. Licensing requirements for each tool are listed below.

Tool Description
Add CAD Fields Adds fields containing CAD properties. The fields are recognized by the Export to CAD tool. It requires an ArcView license.
Create CAD Xdata Creates a table. The table is recognized by the Export to CAD tool as AutoCAD Extended Entity Data. It requires an ArcView license.
Export to CAD Creates CAD drawings in their native format (DGN, DWG, or DXF). It requires an ArcView license.
Set CAD Alias Renames fields with CAD aliases. It requires an ArcView license.

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