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Importing the symbology of another layer

Release 9.3
Last modified September 15, 2008
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About importing the symbology of another layer

You can import layer symbology in ArcMap by clicking the Import button on the Layer Symbology dialog box on the Symbology tab. You can import symbology from three sources:

ArcMap does not allow you to import certain types of ArcGIS and ArcView 3.x symbology from .lyr and .avl files. Unsupported types include

You can reuse any type of ArcGIS symbology, including all feature and raster symbology, by utilizing the ArcMap layer file concept. To reuse symbology from a .lyr file containing a type of symbology not supported by the Import command, add the layer file and set the data source for the layer to the desired data source (Layer properties > Source tab > Set data source). For more information, see Saving a layer to disk and Repairing broken data links.

How to import the symbology of another layer

  1. Right-click the layer in the ArcMap table of contents for which you want to import symbology.
  2. Click Properties.
  3. Click the Symbology tab.
  4. Click the Import button.
  5. Click the first option to import from another layer in your map or from a layer file.
  6. Choose the layer from the Layer drop-down list to import from another layer on your map.
  7. To import from a layer file, click the Browse button and navigate to the file from which you want to import.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Optionally and if enabled, you can choose to import the complete symbology definition, the symbols only, or the classification only.
  10. Click OK to close the Import Symbology dialog box.

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