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Adding support for WFS in ArcGIS Desktop

Release 9.3
Last modified October 13, 2010
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NOTE: All ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo users have the rights to freely use WFS services based on the GML Simple features Profile (GML-SF). Support for WFS is enabled for all Desktop users by installing optional software for ArcGIS Desktop called the "Data Interoperability extension." Installing this software enables some capabilities to work for all users to support both GML and WFS.

NOTE: You do not need to purchase the extra capabilities contained in the Data Interoperability Extension to access this functionality. However, the Data Interoperability Extension software must be installed for you to access and use WFS and GML data sources.

You can add the Data Interoperability extension to your existing ArcGIS Desktop installation by using either the "Complete" or "Custom" options of the ArcGIS Installation process.

Here's an example picture of the ArcGIS Desktop Setup dialog:

Install the Data Inteoperability Extension using "Complete" or "Custom."

By checking on Complete, you will install all optional extensions to ArcGIS Desktop.

By checking on Custom, you can choose the subset of extensions you wish to have installed on your computer. To support GML and WFS, you will want to ensure that you have enabled the Data Interoperability extension to be installed.

Once you have installed this extension, you can access and use GML and WFS in ArcCatalog, ArcMap, and other Desktop applications by turning this extension on.

  1. From the Main menu in ArcCatalog, ArcMap, and so on, choose "Extensions . . ." in the Tools pulldown.
  2. Be sure to turn on the Data Interoperability extension as shown below.
Enabling the Data Interoperability extension

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