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Contacting Technical Support

Release 9.3
Last modified August 5, 2010
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Note: This topic was updated for 9.3.1.

ESRI's Technical Support Group is dedicated to providing timely, expert assistance to ESRI software users. Areas of support include installation and maintenance of ArcGIS software, assistance in solving problems arising from the use of the software, hardware interfacing of peripheral devices, and logging of enhancement requests and bugs you ave encountered in using ESRI software.

Each reported incident is given a unique identification number for referencing. After an incident is logged, you will be connected to a specialist who will work on your problem until it is resolved. If a specialist is unavailable, the call is placed in a dispatch queue. You will be called back by the first available specialist.

The time required to answer questions and resolve problems varies depending on the type of problem and whether it is reproducible. Usually questions are answered and solutions suggested to problems on the same day they are received, often immediately.

Additional information is available at ESRI's Online Support Center.

Before you call Technical Support

Before you call ESRI for technical support, you should be at your computer running your ArcGIS software.

Be prepared to give the following information in your call, e-mail, or fax:

For many software issues, it is often helpful if you have information that enables ESRI to reproduce the problem or behavior you have encountered in the software. Often, the fastest path to a solution is the ability we have to reproduce your problem here in our computer labs.

Technical Support Center

ArcGIS users within the United States may contact Technical Support by telephone (voice), facsimile (fax), and/or electronic mail (e-mail and/or the Web).
Toll Free in the United States: 1-888-377-4575

Phone: 909-793-3774

Fax: 909-792-0960



Hours: 6:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Pacific time, Monday through Friday, except ESRI holidays

International users should contact their local ESRI office or distributor for information regarding telephone, fax, e-mail, and online support services available in their area. For a list of distributors, see

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