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Create point and line route events and select events by attribute

Linear Referencing

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In this segment you will see how to create a new layer from a table and route data.

The accident table is a point event table. Point events occur at a precise point location along a route. You will display the accident event data as a layer.

To add point events, click Tools and click Add Route Events. Set the Route Reference to the route you're matching the table against. Set the Route Identifier to the field that contains the route ID codes, in this example it is ROUTE1. Set the Event Table to the name of the table that you want to create the events from. In this example it is called accident. Set the Route Identifier for the event table so the rows of the event table will be matched to locations along the correct route. In this case the field is also called ROUTE1. Set the Measure field for the event table to the field that contains the measured values for the event locations. In this example it is called MEASURE. Finally, click OK.

A new layer, in this example called "accident Events," will be added to your map.

You can also create line events. Line events occur between two measured locations along a route.

In this example, the pavement table is a line event table. Line events differ from point events in that they have two measure fields that define a portion of a route. The procedure for adding line events to your map is almost the same as adding point events, except that you specify two measure fields, containing a From-measure value and a To-measure value that mark the start and end of the line events.

You can select point and line events by attributes. The events have the attributes of the table that they were generated from.

Layers based on an event table can be queried in many ways. They can be identified by clicking them, they can be selected by dragging a box or clicking them on the map, they can be selected by clicking them in an attribute table, and they can be selected using a Structured Query Language (SQL) expression.

In this example you see how to use the Select By Attributes dialog box to create expressions to select the events where injury accidents occurred, and the sections of pavement with poor quality ratings.

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