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Find Directions provides driving directions from one location to another. The result is a point-to-point route that can be displayed on the map or printed. The resulting route consists of a list of point locations. Each point location contains localized driving instructions at the point (an instruction consists of a turn to take [when appropriate], a distance to travel, and a road on which to travel).

You can find directions in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the majority of Europe. In addition, directions has partial coverage in a number of other countries including Australia, New Zealand, and many countries throughout Africa, Asia Pacific and South America. Refer to the Microsoft Bing Services documentation for further information.

To supply starting and ending locations
There are several ways to supply starting (From Here) and ending (To Here) locations:

To customize the driving directions
You can specify what units you want the distances to travel reported in, whether you want to find the fastest or shortest route, and what language to display the directions in.

To generate and work with the resulting driving directions
Click the Get Directions button to start the directions building process.

Once Directions completes successfully, you'll see a folder named <start location> to <end location> followed by the driving distance and driving time. Directly beneath the top-level folder you'll see a line note that represents the route. Beneath the route you'll see folders that contain the stops and the specific turns to take to reach your destination.

Select any of the items related to the Directions and use the controls on the Tools tab or right-click an item and use its context-menu to perform the following operations:

Work withAs you would work with...
The Main, Stops, and Driving Directions foldersFolders
The Route, the Start location, and the Stop locationPoint and line notes
Individual turnsViews

To display driving directions in a popup window
Click the route on the map, right-click the route in the Contents window and select Show Popup, or select the route and on the Tools tab select Show Popup.
To print the driving directions
Show the directions in a popup window and click the Print... button at the top of the page.