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Accessing ArcGIS online from ArcGIS Explorer allows you to search and access content stored on the internet without starting a web browser. Accessing content from ArcGIS online… is focused on finding and downloading content from that can be used in ArcGIS Explorer. You can also search within a specific organization or ArcGIS online portal.
Search ArcGIS online
  1. Click the Search Window Button in the map group on the home tab
  2. This opens the Online Search window.

  3. Type in an item of interest to search for on ArcGIS online. The listed search results can be opened in or added to ArcGIS Explorer. Simply click on a result to view it in ArcGIS Explorer.
Working with results

You can perform several operations on each search result:

By default, search results are sorted by relevance. You can change the sort order by clicking the Sort By link and choosing a different field to sort search results. When appropriate, you can also sort results in ascending/descending order.

Tip: The following item types can be added to ArcGIS Explorer from ArcGIS online:

Advanced search help

Sign in to ArcGIS online to see your items or specify a specific organization or portal

While anyone can find and use public content from ArcGIS online, signing in gives you access to your private content. You also need to sign in if you are going to upload content to your ArcGIS online account.

  1. Click the ArcGIS Explorer Button .
  2. Click Sign in... then type in your username and password.
  3. Click the Sign in button to sign in.

Once you are signed in the sign in file menu will change to sign out and display your user name. When you are signed in, search results will return your private content and the private content in Groups or an organization that you belong to.

To search a specific organization or portal click Manage Portal Connections and add your URL.

Search Options

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