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ArcGIS Explorer honors the Default map, Basemap Gallery and Layer Gallery items defined by an ArcGIS online Organization. When users are signed into the organization they will see the content that the organization administrator has specified. This makes it really easy to ensure that all members of the organization have easy access to the organizations content.

To set the Default Map for an Organization

You will need to be the administrator for an organization. To find out more about organizations click here.

  1. Sign in as the administrator for your organization.
  2. Click the My Organization link in the top banner. Your organization page opens.
  3. Click the Edit Settings button.
  4. Click the Map link on the left side of the page.
  5. For Basemap Gallery, choose a group containing the ArcGIS Explorer maps (.nmf) and layers (.nmc, .lpk and .kml) that you want to use for ArcGIS Explorer's default map, basemap gallery and layer gallery. In the picture below the ArcGIS Explorer content in the Washington DC Basemap group will be accessible in ArcGIS Explorer.

  6. Tag the items in the group for use in ArcGIS Explorer. ArcGIS Explorer uses the tags to determine how they should be exposed in ArcGIS Explorer. In the group use the following tags:

  7. As a final step make sure you share the items that you want to appear in the gallery with the group specified for the basemap gallery. Only items with the gallery tags that are shared with the group will appear in the gallery.
Tip: The tags are case sensitive and should be lower case.

The above information also is applicable to portals.