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You can add data captured with a GPS device by converting the data to a file in GPS Exchange Format. Numerous third-party and GPS manufacturer utilities exist to perform this conversion.

To add GPS data files to the map
On the Home tab, in the Map group, click Add Content and then click GPS Data Files.... You'll see a dialog you can use to browse for GPS Exchange Format Files (*.gpx):

Once you've selected the file to display you'll see the Add GPS Data File dialog which will let you specifiy which data type(s) to add:

These are points that the GPS user recorded manually, often specifying a name, to mark addant locations on the map.
These are points the GPS device recorded automatically at a periodic interval. Tracks are rendered as linear features.
These are points the GPS device used to navigate to a specified location. Routes are rendered as linear features.

Clicking add adds the data types you've selected to the map

You can change the symbols assigned to the various data types you've chosen to display by right-clicking a waypoint, track, or route in the Contents window and in the context menu that appears, choose Properties. In the dialog presented, choose Symbol.

See a table of which GPS icons map to which ArcExplorer symbols.