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If you are collaborating with others or need to remind yourself of something you observed or discovered you can supply a note anywhere on the map using Notes in the Home tab’s Create group. Each note has a title, text, and an associated shape that you can sketch on the map. The text you supply will appear in a popup window that displays when you click the shape you've associated with the note or select Show Popup in the note's contextual tab or context menu.

Selecting the note type
Create a note and edit its geometry by choosing one of the buttons in the Home tab’s Create group:

Creating the note's geometry
You start creating the note’s geometry by sketching its shape on the map in the default symbol for the note type. If you’re adding a Point note, you click once to position the note at that location on the map; if you chose Target, the note is immediately added to the center of the map; if you’re adding a Line, you click the mouse on two or more positions on the map and a line will draw; and if you’re adding an Area, you click the mouse on three or more positions on the map and a polygon will be rendered. For Lines and Areas, double-click the last vertex you want to enter. ArcGIS Explorer will close the polygon for you; that is, it will complete the side from the last vertex entered to the first vertex entered.

Note Content
When you click on a newly created note’s shape, once you’ve finished your geometry editing session, you’ll see that it has a popup window associated with it. The popup window appears in editing mode:

You can change the note's title, and enter content that will display when you show the note's popup or click it on the map display. This content can be plain text, a link, or HTML markup.

Learn more about HTML for notes and other map content

Once you've finished entering the content for the note, click OK. You'll see the note and how its markup has been interpreted: