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The Source Data page of the Layer Properties dialog provides summary, read-only information about the layer and options to refresh the layer's data when it is appropriate to do so because the content is dynamic in nature.

To display the Source Data page of the Layer Properties dialog, right-click the layer in the Contents window, click Properties... and then click Source Data.

Read or set these properties
Layer Summary
The Layer Summary section displays the following information:
NameThe name of the layer as it appears in the Contents window. If you rename the layer in the Contents window, the next time you display the Source Data panel, you'll see that it reflects the change.
SourceThe layer's local disk or UNC path, URL, or SDE database name
TypeBrief, generic information describing the layer's data type; for example, Feature Layer, GlobeService, GeoRSS, etc.
Coordinate SystemThe coordinate system used by the layer
BehaviorWhen appropriate, information on whether the layer is draped over the terrain, floats over it, or serves as an elevation source for the map

Refresh Options
The Refresh options control whether ArcGIS Explorer will refresh the data. Three options are provided. For most, non-GeoRSS, layers, the first option, Once as the data is accessed, is the recommended setting for static data. The second option, When the map is opened or the layer is added, should provide an adequate means of keeping data that changes occasionally up-to-date. The third option, At a specific time interval is initialized when you add a layer based on a Geo-RSS feed.
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