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Note: This topic was updated for 9.3.1.

NOTE: Spatial type for PostgreSQL only


ST_MPointFromShape takes an ESRI multipoint shape and a spatial reference ID and returns an ST_MultiPoint.


st_mpointfromshape (esri_shape bytea, srid integer)

Return type



In this example, the multipoint is stored with ID = 10 in the geometry column of the mpoints table, then the shape column is updated with a shape representation (using the ST_AsShape function). Finally, the ST_MPointFromShape function is used to return the multipoint from the shape column. The x- and y-coordinates for this geometry are (44, 14) (35, 16) (24, 13). The mpoints table has a geometry column, where the multipoint is stored, and a shape column, where the multipoint's ESRI shape representation is stored.

CREATE TABLE mpoints (id integer, geometry st_geometry, shape bytea);

INSERT INTO mpoints (id, geometry) VALUES (
st_multipoint ('multipoint (4 14, 35 16, 24 13)', 0)

UPDATE mpoints
SET shape = st_asshape (geometry)
WHERE id = 10;

In the following SELECT statement, the ST_MPointFromShape function is used to retrieve the multipoint from the shape column.

SELECT id, st_astext (st_mpointFromShape (shape)) AS "MULTI_POINT"
FROM mpoints
WHERE id = 10;


10         MULTIPOINT (4 14, 35 16, 24 13)

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