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Note: This topic was updated for 9.3.1.


ST_Transform transforms the ST_Geometry into the spatial reference specified by the spatial reference ID (SRID).

NOTE: The source and destination spatial references must have the same geographic datum.



sde.st_transform (g1 sde.st_geometry, srid integer)


st_transform (g1 st_geometry, srid integer)

Return type



The following CREATE TABLE statement creates the transform_test table, which has two ST_LineString columns, ln1 and ln2.

CREATE TABLE transform_test (ln1 sde.st_linestring, ln2 sde.st_geometry);

The following INSERT statement inserts an ST_LineString into ln1 with an SRID of 102.

INSERT INTO transform_test VALUES (
sde.st_linefromtext ('linestring (10.01 40.03, 92.32 29.39)', 102)

The ST_Transform function converts the ST_LineString of ln1 from the coordinate reference assigned to SRID 102 to the coordinate reference assigned to SRID 105. The following UPDATE statement stores the transformed ST_LineString in column ln2.

UPDATE transform_test
SET ln2 = sde.st_transform (ln1, 105);

NOTE: SRIDs 102 and 105 have to exist in the ST_SPATIAL_REFERENCES view, and both must have the same geographic datum.

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