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ArcIMS supports several development environments and can process requests from some common standards-based protocols. Since ArcIMS uses ArcXML for communication between the ArcIMS Application Server and Spatial Servers, a mechanism is needed to translate requests from these development environments and standards-based protocols into ArcXML. This translation is done through Application Server connectors and Web Application Development Frameworks (Web ADF). The connectors and Web ADFs reside between the Web server and ArcIMS Application Server.

ArcIMS Connectors and WEB ADFs

ArcIMS Application Server connectors

Web Application Development Frameworks (Web ADF)

The Web ADF supports building Web applications and Web services that can access multiple GIS servers:

The Web ADF allows you to use the same Web controls and templates to build applications that interact with GIS services from any of these sources. For example, you can combine a map service running on an ArcIMS Server with one running on an ArcGIS Server. This multi-source architecture allows you to transparently overlay map services; map services appear as group layers in a Web application.

The Web ADF includes full integration into a developer environment, Web controls, and an object model that wraps ArcXML.

The Web ADF is available in two environments:

For more information about the Web ADF, see the introductory sections of the Web ADF Developer Help. On Windows, this help is accessible from Start | ArcGIS | Developer Help. On UNIX and Linux, run the start_arcgis_help script from the documentation directory.

The Web ADF is available in a separate install from core ArcIMS.

OGC and standards-based connectors

ArcIMS includes connectors so that requests can be made in OGC-compliant formats. The following connectors are available:

Additional stanadards-based connectors are available to support communication with ArcIMS Metadata Services. These are:

For more information on the connectors used with Metadata Services, see the Metadata Service Help.

The OGC and standards-based connectors are available on all platforms.

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