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Dynamic layers are layers added during a request in addition to the layers already included in an Image Service. There are two general types of dynamic layers:

  1. New layers based on an existing layer in the service. A typical use is to show a selected subset of data. Using this type of dynamic layer requires no modification to a map configuration file.
  2. New layers with data that are not in the service.

Before you can add dynamic layers containing new data, you must open the map configuration file to this capability by adding attributes to the MAP element. Your first option is to allow map display and data extraction. Your second option is to allow users to query shapefile and ArcSDE vector layers. Before you allow dynamic layers, you should also review Strategies for using feature limits. This is particularly important if you allow querying on dynamic layers. Dynamic layers can be added at any scale. If you add a layer with thousands of features, the request time will be slow for both display and querying.

expand/collapse item How to open your service to allow dynamic layers

expand/collapse item Adding attributes to support dynamic layers

  1. Open your map configuration file in a text or XML editor.
  2. Search for MAP.
  3. If you want to allow users to add dynamic layers to a map or extract dynamic vector layers, add the dynamic attribute and set it to "true".
    <MAP dynamic="true">
  4. If you want to allow dynamic queries, add the dynamicfeature attribute and set it to "true".
    <MAP dynamic="true" dynamicfeature="true">
  5. Save your changes to the map configuration file.

Once you add dynamicfeature, you should not open and save the map configuration file in Author. The attribute will be deleted. The dynamic attribute does not get deleted by Author.

Search code: @config_dynamic