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Author does not provide a way for you to include Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path names for file locations. Using UNC paths is useful, especially if Spatial Servers are located on multiple machines. You can include UNC paths in a map configuration file, but you must manually add them.

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expand/collapse item Changing a path to UNC

  1. Open your map configuration file in a text or XML editor.
  2. Find a reference to a path in the WORKSPACES section for IMAGEWORKSPACE and SHAPEWORKSPACE. Update the directory value with the UNC path.

      <SHAPEWORKSPACE name="shp_ws-0" directory="\\mymachine\arcims" />
      <IMAGEWORKSPACE directory="\\mymachine\myimages" name="jai_ws-0" />

  3. Save your changes to the map configuration file.

Once you make changes using a UNC path, you can continue to open a map configuration file in Author and use it. The UNC path will not be deleted.

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