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Aimsserver.cfg specifies default Spatial Server settings for logging and is located at:

Windows: <ArcGIS Installation Directory>\ArcIMS\Server\etc
UNIX and Linux: $AIMSHOME/etc

The following settings can be changed. For more information on these settings, see Enabling full verbose logging.

After making any changes to aimsserver.cfg, you must restart ArcIMS Monitor and ArcIMS Application Server.

Advanced log customization options

The following options are available for customizing the Spatial Server log files. Listed attributes must be added to AIMSSERVER.

Specifying configurations for different log formats

When any attribute is included within AIMSSERVER, the attribute value applies to all log types. You can customize the configuration for a specific log type by using LOGTYPES and LOG. In the following example, specific options are applied to an XML log type:

  <LOG logtype="xml" ... />

Any log option, except logpath, can appear in a LOG entry and applies only to that log type. A LOG entry must include a logtype option.

When specified in a LOG entry, this string describes a specific log type to create. This may be in addition to any log types specified in the AIMSSERVER entry, or it may duplicate a name already defined, in which case the entry overrides any options set in AIMSSERVER for that type. If no log types are specified in the AIMSSERVER entry, and log types are defined in the LOGTYPES section, then only those log types are created.

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