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aimsamsrv.cfg reference for ArcMap Server

aimsqs.cfg reference for Query Server

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In releases prior to ArcIMS 9.2, data from ArcIMS Image and ArcMap Image Services can be extracted using ArcMap directly or by using ArcObjects. This is possible because ArcIMS returns geometry when requested by ArcMap, and this geometry is used to show selected features. Beginning with ArcIMS 9.2 and ArcGIS 9.2, ArcIMS services do not return geometry by default. In ArcMap, selected features cannot be saved.

A parameter, returngeometry, is included in the configuration files for the query server (aimsqs.cfg) and ArcMap Server (aimsamsrv.cfg). By default, this parameter blocks geometry from being returned to a client for query requests. ArcIMS administrators have the ability to allow geometry to be passed to the client, if desired. Three options are available:

This parameter has no affect on image requests.

ArcMap as a client has been adjusted to accommodate query results with no geometry. As a result, the following functions work with ArcIMS Image and ArcMap Image Services:

The following functions are not supported:

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expand/collapse item Changing the geometry restrictions

  1. In a text editing application, open aimsqs.cfg for Image Services and aimsamsrv.cfg for ArcMap Image Services.

    Windows: <ArcGIS Installation Directory>\ArcIMS\Server\etc
    UNIX and Linux: $AIMSHOME/etc

  2. Locate the returngeometry attribute in the PARAMETERS section.

  3. <PARAMETER name="returngeometry" value="xmlmode" />
    Specify "xmlmode", "all", or "none". The default is "xmlmode".
  4. Repeat the above steps as needed to make the same changes on each machine in your site configuration with a Spatial Server.
  5. Restart ArcIMS Monitor and ArcIMS Application Server.

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