Using Data from ArcGIS Server

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To download published data to your mobile device, open the ‘Add Data from Server’ dialog in ArcPad.

Long time ArcPad users should recognize this dialog, in previous versions of ArcPad it was called the ‘Add Internet Server’ dialog and was used to add IMS data to your map.

The dialog still allows you to add an IMS Service, but it also allows you to browse for ArcGIS Server ArcPad Services. Enter the URL of your ArcGIS Server (which contains published ArcPad data), and choose the data from the list. That data will be downloaded to your mobile device, unpacked and added to your map.

Edit your data in the same way you would any other data. To synchronize your edits with the enterprise geodatabase, simply create a connection to your network (via WIFI, phone, or USB connection to your pc and network) and choose the ‘Synchronize Data with ArcGIS Server’ menu item in ArcPad.

The ArcPad sync window displays messages that describe the synchronization process.