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Licensing and desktop administration

Setting the software product

Release 9.2
Last modified July 18, 2007
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About setting the software product

ArcGIS Desktop can be used as a flexible seat where you can switch between ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo if they are available on your computer. ArcGIS Desktop Administrator is used to switch between these product levels.

How to set the software product

  1. Close any ArcGIS applications you have open.
  2. For Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003, click the Start menu, point to Programs, point to ArcGIS, and click Desktop Administrator. For Windows XP, click the Start menu, point to All Programs, point to ArcGIS, and click Desktop Administrator.
  3. Click the Software Product folder in the table of contents.
  4. Select the software product you would like to use for your ArcGIS applications. Make sure you have a valid and available license for the software product you switch to. You will not be able to use the product application if a license is not available. If ArcView or ArcEditor (Single Use) is unavailable and you want to use these software products, you will need to run the ArcView or ArcEditor (Single Use) setup program. See, the ArcView (Single Use) Install Guide for more information on installing ArcView (Single Use) or the ArcEditor (Single Use) Install Guide for more information on installing ArcEditor (Single Use).
  5. Learn more about checking license availability
  6. Click OK to close the ArcGIS Desktop Administrator and apply your changes, or click Apply to set your changes without closing the ArcGIS Desktop Administrator.


  • ArcView or ArcEditor (Single Use) and extensions must be installed and registered before they can be used. See Registering ArcView or ArcEditor and extensions for more information on registering ArcView or ArcEditor (Single Use) using the ArcGIS Desktop Administrator.
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