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Geoprocessing > Automating your work with scripts

An overview of writing geoprocessing scripts

Release 9.2
Last modified November 17, 2006
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Geoprocessing tasks can be time intensive since they are often performed on a number of different datasets or on large datasets with numerous records. Scripting is an efficient method of automating geoprocessing tasks. Scripting allows the execution of simple processes (a single tool) or complex processes (piggybacked, multitool tasks with validation). In addition, scripts are recyclable, meaning they can be data nonspecific and used again.
Any ArcGIS user has the option of writing a script to automate geoprocessing workflows. Even if you have never thought of yourself as a programmer, after reading the scripting documentation, you will be able to write scripts to perform geoprocessing tasks. Common scripting tasks include modifying scripts to incorporate loops for batch processing or "if" statements for conditional control.
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