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Quick ways to navigate maps and pages

Release 9.3
Last modified September 11, 2008
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You can use keyboard shortcuts and your mouse for quicker navigation with maps and layout pages. For example, you can pan, zoom, or recenter the map without having to go to a toolbar and click a different tool.

Navigating with your mouse

Using the wheel mouse makes it easy to zoom and pan anytime you like without changing the tool you are currently using.

These shortcuts work in data view and layout view. In layout view, they apply to the page by default. You can hold down Shift and perform any shortcut to apply it to the data frame instead of the page (the active data frame in the case of rolling the mouse wheel, or the data frame you clicked in the case of clicking or dragging the mouse wheel).

Mouse wheel action ArcMap navigation function
Roll wheel back and forth Zoom in and out
Hold down Ctrl and roll Zooms in and out but with finer increment. Use for small adjustments.
Click mouse wheel (or middle mouse button) Center map at location where you clicked
Hold down mouse wheel (or middle mouse button) and drag Pan
Hold down Ctrl and click mouse wheel Center and zoom in at location you clicked
Hold down Ctrl and drag with the mouse wheel Zoom in

Rolling the mouse wheel is applied to whichever part of the user interface the pointer is currently over. In this way, you can just move the pointer over the map and roll the wheel to zoom in or out, regardless of which window or dialog box has keyboard focus.

You can reverse the zoom in/zoom out convention used by the mouse wheel on the General tab of the ArcMap Tools > Options dialog box.

You can use the middle mouse button on a three-button mouse instead of the mouse wheel for all the shortcuts except for rolling to zoom in and out.

Temporarily changing any tool into a navigation tool

Hold down the following keys to temporarily turn the tool you are currently using into a navigation tool:

These shortcuts work in data view and layout view. In layout view, they apply to the page by default. Hold down Shift as well as the key to apply it to the data frame you click on instead of the page.

Recentering the map with one click

You can quickly recenter the map when you use the pan tools.

Continuous Zoom/Pan tool

The Continuous Zoom/Pan tool Continuous Pan/Zoom can be added into any toolbar in the ArcMap user interface from the Pan/Zoom category of the Tools > Customize dialog box. This tool is especially useful if you want to have a dynamic zooming and panning capability but don't have a mouse with a wheel.

Other navigation shortcuts

Navigating with context menus

Right-clicking the map in data view gives you a menu containing a set of commonly used commands. The menu includes some commands that operate at the location you right-clicked, enabling you to perform an operation once without changing your current tool.

Data view context menu

This menu doesn't appear if you right-click the map in data view when you are using certain tools such as some of the editing tools that have their own specialized context menus. However, you can customize the existing context menus of those commands to include any of the navigation commands.

You can also access the navigation context menu when you are working with a viewer window. A viewer window lets you pan and zoom the contents of the window independently of the main ArcMap window. All the commands are available except for Go Back To Previous Extent and Go To Next Extent.

You can also customize this menu to add commands to it as shortcuts, but remember that some commands only work in particular menus. For example, the commands in the context menu you get when you right-click a layer in the table of contents won't become enabled if you add them to other menus.

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