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Evaluating ArcGIS Desktop extensions

Release 9.3
Last modified December 29, 2008
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About evaluating ArcGIS Desktop extensions

At any time, you can choose to evaluate ArcGIS Desktop extensions that you have not purchased. The evaluation is free of charge for a fixed period of time.
You can evaluate the following ArcGIS Desktop extensions:

With ArcView or ArcEditor (Single Use), you can enable extensions for evaluation through the ArcView or ArcEditor registration and authorization process.
To evaluate extensions for ArcGIS (Concurrent), you must order evaluation keycodes.
The following are additional ArcGIS Desktop extensions:

For more information about the extensions available for evaluation, how to enable an extension, and how to register an extension with ESRI, see Learn more about ArcGIS Desktop extensions.

How to evaluate ArcGIS Desktop extensions

If you installed the ArcGIS Desktop extensions during your initial installation of ArcGIS, you can evaluate the extensions via the following methods:

If you do not have the extension you wish to evaluate installed, then you should rerun your setup.exe program and choose the option to modify your installation and select the extension(s) to install. After installing the appropriate extension(s), you can evaluate the extensions via the following methods:

To order evaluation keycodes for extensions for ArcGIS (Floating):

Duration of evaluation period

Once you have registered the extensions, you have a fixed period of time to evaluate the ArcGIS Desktop extensions. The evaluation begins once you have completed the registration process for the ArcGIS Desktop extensions. If you are registering by e-mail, fax, or mail, the evaluation period begins when you initially contact ESRI. The evaluation period cannot be extended.

Finding ArcGIS Desktop Extension registration numbers

When evaluating the ArcGIS extensions, you are not required to enter the registration numbers. During the registration process at the "Evaluate the ArcGIS extensions" panel, check the boxes next to the extensions you would like to evaluate. The registration wizard will recognize the same registration number you used for registering ArcGIS.

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