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Licensing and desktop administration

Frequently asked questions about error reporting

Release 9.3
Last modified September 2, 2008
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Error reports are sent directly to the ESRI development team via a Web service. These reports will be analyzed and the software will be improved, so that similar errors do not occur in future releases (or service packs).

If the Web service is not available, the error report can be sent via email to:

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about error reporting.

Will the ESRI development team contact me?

There are cases when we would like more information. If your contact information is supplied, and we would like to know something more about the issue, we may contact you. If we do contact you, you are not required to provide us with additional information. Participation is optional.

Can I get a hotfix for an error?

ESRI will not provide a hotfix for an error that occurs without repeatable steps. If you are encountering an error that causes a fatal application error, and there are reproducible steps, you should contact ESRI Support to have this issue reviewed.

Will ESRI provide summaries of where the errors are occurring?

ESRI will be able to analyze the incoming error reports and we will be able to identify areas of the software. If we are finding identical errors in certain areas of the software, we will make sure that the fixes move into service packs.

Will I be contacted about the status of my error report?

No. At this time, we do not plan on contacting you about the status of your error report.

Can I contact Support about the status of my error report?

No. ESRI Technical Support will not provide support on the status of error reporting.

Do crashes in all ESRI products generate error reports?

No. At ArcGIS 9.3, these error reports are created for all ArcGIS 9.3 Desktop Applications and Extensions. ESRI will look to provide similar reporting facilities for our other Products in future releases.

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