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Saving a model

Release 9.3
Last modified December 11, 2008
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About saving models

To save a model in ModelBuilder, click Save Save, or click the Model menu and click Save.
If you've opened the model from the ArcToolbox window, either by editing an existing model or creating a new model, the model is saved using the name found in the model properties dialog. To change the name of a model, click the Model menu and click Model Properties. On the model properties dialog box, click the General tab, and change name and label.
Learn more about model names and labels

If you've opened ModelBuilder by clicking Start ModelBuilder Start ModelBuilder, you will need to save your model to an existing custom toolbox. The steps below show you how to save a model that has been opened with Start ModelBuilder.

How to save a model

Create a new toolbox to save the model

  1. If you have the Save dialog box open, click Cancel.
  2. In ArcCatalog, ArcMap, ArcGlobe, or ArcScene, open the ArcToolbox window by clicking Show/Hide ArcToolbox Window Show/Hide ArcToolbox Window.
  3. In the ArcToolbox window, right-click and click New Toolbox. A new toolbox with the default name, such as Toolbox (1), will be created. Rename the toolbox if desired.
  4. The toolbox you created is created in the My Toolboxes folder.
    Learn more about the My Toolboxes folder
  5. In ModelBuilder, click Save Save.
  6. In the Save dialog box, click the drop-down list in Look in and choose Toolboxes, as illustrated below.

  7. Choose Toolboxes in Look in:

  8. Double-click My Toolboxes, as illustrated below.

  9. Double-click My Toolboxes

  10. Double-click the toolbox created in step 3, as illustrated below.

  11. Double-click toolbox previously created

  12. Click Save. Before saving, you can change the name of the model.
A model tool will be created in the toolbox. After exiting ModelBuilder, you can open the model again by right-clicking the model tool in the ArcToolbox window and clicking Edit.

Save to an existing toolbox

If you've opened a new model using the Start ModelBuilder tool Start ModelBuilder, you can save it to an existing toolbox by clicking Save Save. You can then browse to an existing toolbox, or a toolset within a toolbox, to save the model.

NOTE: You cannot save the model to a read-only toolbox. System toolboxes (those found in the System Toolboxes folder) are read-only.

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