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Flipping lines

Release 9.1
Last modified January 25, 2006
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About flipping lines

When you modify a line by trimming or extending it, the line is automatically trimmed or extended from its last vertex. If you want to trim or extend a line from the first vertex instead of the last, you can use the Flip command. The Flip command reverses the direction of a line so that the last vertex of the sketch becomes the first.
Original line Flipped line

How to flip lines

  1. Click the Current Task dropdown arrow and click Modify Feature.
  2. Click the Edit tool Edit tool.
  3. Click the line whose direction you want to change.
  4. Right-click any part of the sketch and click Flip.

  5. The sketch becomes inverted (the first vertex becomes the last, marked in red).
  6. When you are finished modifying the line, right-click any part of the sketch and click Finish Sketch.

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