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Raster Band properties

Release 9.1
Last modified August 19, 2005
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Property Returns
Height The number of rows
IsInteger: Boolean The Integer state: TRUE if the band has integer type
MeanCellHeight The cell size in y direction
MeanCellWidth The cell size in x direction
NoDataValue The NoData value of the raster band
PixelType The pixel type of the band:
  • U1
  • U2
  • U4
  • U8
  • S8
  • U16
  • S16
  • U32
  • S32
  • F32
PrimaryField The index of the field
TableType -Value — values in the raster are used as values only, not for indexing
-Index — values in the raster are used as indexes in the raster table
Width The number of columns

Each type of data has unique properties. Depending on their relationship, properties of other data types may also be available. Such as:

Dataset properties


from win32com.client import Dispatch
gp = Dispatch("esriGeoprocessing.GpDispatch.1")

gp.workspace = "C:\Data"
rasterbd = "Redlands.img\\Band_1"

print gp.describe(rasterbd).Height
print gp.describe(rasterbd).pixeltype

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