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Using raster datasets with Raster Calculator

Release 9.2
Last modified January 3, 2008
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When typing a Map Algebra expression into the ArcGIS Spatial Analyst Raster Calculator, if the input raster dataset is a grid and resides in the working directory (set on the General tab of the Options dialog box), type the name of the grid directly into the expression, for example, "slope(ingrid1)".

If the grid dataset does not reside in your working directory, type the path to the grid dataset on disk, for example, "slope(c:\SpatialData\ingrid1)".

All other raster datasets (for example, TIFF) cannot be accessed directly from disk. To input other raster data (including grids) into an expression, you must first add the dataset as a layer to ArcMap. The layers will be displayed in the Layers list of the Raster Calculator. When entering the raster into a Map Algebra expression, it must be surrounded by square brackets, for example, "slope([inlayer1])".

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