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An overview of Survey Analyst

Release 9.2
Last modified August 19, 2007
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Survey Analyst defines a set of dataset types and editing tools for managing survey information in ArcGIS. Survey Analyst is comprised of two editors: A survey editor for managing survey field information in a survey dataset and a cadastral editor for managing parcel information in a cadastral fabric.

Survey Editor

The Survey Editor in Survey Analyst is an application that allows you to store and work with survey measurements collected from field notes, survey equipment, and data collectors. In addition, the survey editor enables you to improve the accuracy of other GIS layers using point locations defined by field observations.

Cadastral Editor

The Cadastral Editor in Survey Analyst introduces a new set of tools for maintaining land records within ArcGIS. Parcel datasets, known as cadastral fabrics are created and maintained using fabric editing tools and are adjusted with control points in a Least Squares Adjustment. GIS feature classes using the cadastral fabric as a basemap, are kept in alignment and accurate with the adjusted cadastral fabric in a GIS Feature Class Adjustment.

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