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About the ArcGIS Image Server MicroStation client

Release 9.2
Last modified February 9, 2010
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You can directly connect to and view an image service created by ArcGIS Image Server using various client applications. Each client application accesses and works with the image services in a similar manner. The applications supported with ArcGIS Image Server clients include

There is also a stand-alone client application, Image Server Viewer, which is installed by default with each of the client applications.

You can use the MicroStation client to do the following:

The ArcGIS Image Server MicroStation client is a plug-in tool that works with MicroStation versions 8.05 and 8.09 (V8 XM). The application connects to ArcGIS Image Server, generates the image, then attaches the image in MicroStation after automatically georeferencing it.

Learn about ArcGIS Image Server MicroStation client limitations

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