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Using the geoprocessor

Release 9.2
Last modified November 17, 2006
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An accompanying diagram, the Geoprocessor Programming Model, gives an overview of the geoprocessor object and all the other objects that can be created from its methods.
View the geoprocessor programming model
You may notice that the type of data returned for a property is only specified when it is not a string or number. Most values are simply strings or numbers, so to keep the diagram simple, it only informs you of a data type when it is not a string or number.
The Geoprocessor Programming Model is not based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML) notation used in the ArcObjects object model diagrams. The arrows on the diagram indicate instantiation. The different colors are meant to show logical relationships of objects. For example, the purple objects are created by the various list methods of the geoprocessor, which are also purple. Some properties, such as Fields shown under the green Table properties, are colored to indicate they are an object. The colors should help you connect the various methods and properties with the appropriate objects and make the diagram easy to read.
The geoprocessor object supports the execution of tools as dynamic methods and the use of environment settings as dynamic properties. The diagram does not show these dynamic members of the geoprocessor, because the tools and environments that are accessible depend on what products and extensions are installed and what toolboxes are being referenced. The geoprocessor object simply refers to tools and environments as generic methods and properties.

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