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Global Digital Elevation Model (SRTM)

Release 9.3
Last modified June 5, 2008
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Title: Global Digital Elevation Model (SRTM)

Abstract: Global Digital Elevation Model (SRTM) represents an elevation map from the NASA/NGA Shuttle Radar Topography Mission datasets, between 60 degrees North latitude and 56 degrees South latitude. The resolution is 3 arc seconds (90 meters) and the pixel values represent the elevation in meters. GTOPO30 data was used to fill in latitudes beyond 60 degrees North and 56 degrees South, as well as void areas within the SRTM data.

Scale range: Largest scale when displaying the data: 1: 250,000 (SRTM), 1:1,500,000 (GTOPO30)

Data location: ESRI Data and Maps 2008 - Elevation and Image Data \srtm_void_filled\elevation\srtm_n_elev_c.jp2, srtm_n_elev_e.jp2, srtm_n_elev_w.jp2, srtm_s_elev_c.jp2, srtm_s_elev_e.jp2, srtm_s_elev_w.jp2, gtopo30_n_elev_c.jp2, gtopo30_n_elev_e.jp2, gtopo30_n_elev_w.jp2, gtopo30_s_elev_c.jp2, gtopo30_s_elev_e.jp2, gtopo30_s_elev_w.jp2

Attributes: Elevation (meters)

Theme keywords: image, elevation

Place keywords: world, North America, South America, Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Europe, Asia

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