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World Topography and Bathymetry

Release 9.3
Last modified June 5, 2008
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Title: World Topography and Bathymetry

Abstract: This data provides an elevation and bathemetry image for the world with a shaded relief image incorporated as well. The topography data is derived from Global Elevation data; bathymetry data is derived from National Geophysical Data Center Marine Geology and Geophysics data (ETOPO5) and University of California, San Diego, Seafloor Topography, and major lakes from DCW.

Scale range: Largest scale when displaying the data: 1:10,000,000

Data location: ESRI Data and Maps 2008 -
Elevation and Image Data \world_elevation\world.sid

Attributes: none

Theme keywords: image, shaded relief, elevation, topography, bathymetry, sea floor

Place keywords: World

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