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Understanding versioning

Release 9.3
Last modified April 2, 2009
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Versioning allows multiple users to edit the same data in an ArcSDE geodatabase without applying locks or duplicating data. A version can represent an engineering design, a construction job, or any other type of transaction. The basic concepts of versions are as follows:

What a version is

The DEFAULT version

Creating a version

Editing a version

Reconciling and posting changes

Based on the privileges assigned to the versions in the QA/Project example, a logical reconciling and posting workflow would go from the project versions to the QA version, then to the DEFAULT version.

Privileges on different versions
Privileges on different versions

How versions and versioned edits work

Versions: An example

To illustrate how versions can be used, follow this scenario from a municipal water utility. The water utility has a geodatabase of features representing the current state of all of the water pipes, valves, pumps, and other components of the water system. The utility needs to add a new line extension to the water system.

The utility creates a new version from the DEFAULT version called Extension project, which is to contain the design of the new extension. However, the utility staff are unsure whether to go with a 16-inch or a 24-inch|design for the new extension. So, from the Extension project version, they create a version to study the 16-inch design and another to study the 24-inch design.

They eventually discover the 24-inch|will serve projected water demand for 12 more years and that the greater initial construction cost is justified. The 24-inch design wins approval, is checked for accuracy, and posted to the Extension project version.

A few months later, the construction of the new line extension completes. To update the published version of the database, the Extension project version is reviewed for accuracy, reconciled, and posted to the DEFAULT version.

Versions: An example from a municipal water utility
Example of a versioned project

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