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Replicating raster data(ArcInfo and ArcEditor only)

Release 9.3
Last modified April 2, 2009
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Raster catalogs and raster datasets can't be versioned; therefore, they can't be replicated. However, the Create Replica wizard will extract a raster dataset or raster catalog from the source geodatabase if it is in the ArcMap document. Since the data is extracted, any edits made to the raster will not be transferred to the relative replica during synchronization.

The spatial extent of the replication area is used to determine the portion of the raster dataset or raster catalog to extract. For raster datasets, the data is clipped to the spatial extent. For raster catalogs, the entire raster dataset is extracted for each raster dataset intersecting the spatial extent.

If a table or feature class in a geodatabase has a field of type raster, the default behavior for replication is applied. As long as the table is versioned and the connected user has permissions to edit the table, the field will be replicated.

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