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Minimum data requirements for MOLE

Release 9.3
Last modified December 4, 2009
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The minimum requirements your data must fulfill in order to be read by MOLE (in order to be opened in ESRI products and display military symbology with the feature) are:

Type of MOLE graphic Requirements
Force elements The geometry type must be point, and the following two attribute fields must be present:
Field name: Symbol_ID
Type: Character
Length: 15
Field name: Parent
Type: Character
Length: 20
Note that the presence of this Parent field in a point feature class with a Symbol_ID field indicates to MOLE that the feature class is a force element feature class (versus a tactical graphic point feature class).

Tactical graphics The geometry type can be point, line, or polygon.
The following attribute field must be present:
Field name: Symbol_ID
Type: Character
Length: 15

If the above data requirements are met and the data is in a native ArcGIS format, such as feature class, you can add the data to an ArcMap or ArcGlobe map using the Add MOLE Data toolbar button Add Mole Data button. Adding data with this button allows the data to be symbolized according to the military specifications MOLE supports.

Depending on how much data you want to use in MOLE, you may be subject to additional requirements.

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