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An overview of Schematics

Release 9.3
Last modified March 1, 2010
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ArcGIS Schematics is the ArcGIS extension that allows you to visualize network geographic and schematic representations in the same environment. Schematics is composed of powerful tools that allow you to automatically generate, visualize, and manipulate a graphic representation of your network using its database information. It's also a high-end development platform that you can use to rapidly build a variety of custom graphic applications for your network information system. With its advanced functionality, network graphs and diagrams can be produced on the fly.
Powered by its standard schematic diagram builder mode and its data-driven graphics style, Schematics can generate schematic diagrams from the current state of the geographic information system (GIS) network data and analyze networks in geographic, schematic, and geoschematic layouts. ArcGIS Schematics meets the utility industry's need to schematically view and manipulate network data. Powered by a set of configuration parameters, Schematics offers a high degree of flexibility and is not limited by the evolution of the data model or by changing database locations.
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In ArcCatalog, you can create, manage, and organize the schematic datasets and schematic folders that will be used to store your generated schematic diagrams. The set of parameters required to generate schematic diagrams according to the set of rules and the symbology you want is defined through schematic diagram types. These schematic diagram types are stored in your schematic datasets and are customized using ArcGIS Schematics Designer, a graphical user interface (GUI)-based design tool that supports configuration and customization of these schematic diagram types.
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A set of standard schematic layout algorithms is included with Schematics that is ready for use with network data. Schematics can also be customized to support user-specific layout algorithms.
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